Teens crash stolen vehicle into parked cars

Foot pursuit lasted more than an hour

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio police say at least three minors are in custody after allegedly stealing a vehicle and crashing it into other vehicles Sunday morning at the 1900 block of Larkspur.

Investigators say a total of four teens scrambled out of the stolen silver Ford Explorer after they spotted a patrol officer in the parking lot of The Summit Apartment Homes.

"They all jumped out and let the car keep going," Sgt. Walter Smith said. "As they ran, the car wrecked out" in the parking lot.

For nearly an hour, officers chased the suspects on foot after the teens were spotted running through nearby apartment complexes on Larkspur and Braesview.

"We got the helicopter eagle in the air helping us look. We were just waiting to see if they started running again and if we could come across them," Smith said.

No injuries were reported, but a total of three vehicles at The Summit Apartment Homes were damaged, leaving victims frustrated and concerned.

Resident Josh Reeves walked by the scene and noticed his sister's Honda Civic was damaged. "Do we feel safe anywhere? Not really. A juvenile stealing cars ... need to be dealt with," Reeves said.

The focus for police on the scene remained on the stolen car and damaged vehicles due to the challenges they faced due to the suspect's ages.

"We don't interrogate due to their age. They ran from us. That's not cooperative, to me," Smith said.

The teenagers arrested could face several charges including vehicle theft, evading arrest and failure to stop and render information. Police say additional charges could be filed.

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