Texas family upset after getting Styrofoam graduation cake from Walmart

Courtesy: Click2Houston.com / KPRC 2

PASEDENA, Texas – A Texas family got their cake, but couldn't eat it, too -- because the center was Styrofoam.

Marsy Flores told KPRC 2 she purchased a cake from Walmart for her daughter's graduation party and was committed to making sure everything about the big day was perfect.

Flores ran into trouble when she went to pick up the cake the morning of her daughter's graduation ceremony.

"They didn’t have our order. They didn’t have anything ready,” Flores told KPRC 2. 

Workers at the bakery said they would give her a cake free of charge for the hassle, so Flores accepted, adding a picture and other decorations to the frosting. 

She took the cake to the graduation party and when it was time to cut the cake, they realized they'd gotten a display cake with a Styrofoam center.


Flores called Walmart about the cake and was given a $60 gift card for her trouble.

“They can't replace the moment that we lost," Flores told KPRC 2. "It’s a special moment, and this is what we got for it: a Styrofoam cake. Not only did they mess up one time, they did it twice."

Walmart's public affairs office issued the following statement to KPRC 2:

"Incident was a result of a misunderstanding. The matter has been resolved. The customer was given a gift card for her inconvenience."