Voters head to polls Saturday to decide runoff election

Here's what you need to know


SAN ANTONIO – Voters in Bexar County will head to the polls Saturday to decide a number of runoff races.

The mayoral race, along with City Council seats for districts 2, 4 and 6 are all in this year’s runoff election. 

The polls will be open to voters from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.


Here's a look at Saturday's races:

Incumbent Mayor Ron Nirenberg and Greg Brockhouse are headed to a runoff in the San Antonio mayoral race. On May 4, Nirenberg had 49% of the vote and Brockhouse garnered 46% of the vote.

District 2 candidates Keith A. Toney and Jada L. Andrews-Sullivan are in a runoff race. Toney had 27% of the vote, with 1,448 total votes, and Andrews-Sullivan garnered 21% of the vote, with 1,129 total votes.


Adriana Rocha Garcia and Johnny Arredondo are the candidates in District 4. Rocha Garcia had 47% of the vote, with 2,247 total votes, and Arredondo garnered 21% of the vote, with 1,011 total votes. 

And lastly, voters in District 6 can choose between candidates Melissa Cabello Havrda and Andy Greene. Cabello Havrda had 47% of the vote, with 4,411 total votes, and Greene garnered 35% of the vote, with 3,298 total votes. 

Check if you're registered to vote

You can check to see if you're registered to vote by going to the Texas Secretary of State's website and entering your information. 


The website asks you to identify yourself using one of the following three sets of information:

  • Texas driver's license number and date of birth
  • Voter unique identifier and date of birth
  • Name county and date of birth

The website will tell you if your voter status is active, what precinct you're part of and any upcoming elections to prepare for.

What to bring to the polling site:

There are seven acceptable forms of identification registered voters can bring to the polls: 

  • Texas driver's license
  • Texas election identification certificate
  • Texas personal identification card
  • Texas handgun license
  • United States military ID card with a photo
  • United States citizenship certificate with a photo or a United States passport

These documents may be expired up to four years. For voters age 70 or older, there is no limit on the expiration of identification.

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