Witness to hostage situation turned officer-involved shooting recalls tense exchange

SAPD: Robbery suspect took employee hostage, raised gun at officers

SAN ANTONIO – His curiosity piqued by the amount of police he was seeing, Alex Porras arrived outside a far West side Subway restaurant to find an armed standoff underway.

"I knew it wasn't just a regular, you know, let's say car chase," Porras said. "It had to be more cuz everyone had their guns drawn."

Inside of the restaurant, San Antonio Police saysaid, was a 19-year-old robbery suspect who had taken two employees hostage. Recording cell phone video from his car, Porras said he could see figures inside the restaurant, including the suspect.

"It looked like he was wearing a mask because it was completely blacked out," Porras said.

Porras could also hear some of what was going on, saying it sounded like they were trying to negotiate. Then things changed abruptly.

"I just heard some talking going back and forth real quick and then all of a sudden gunfire," he said.

Porras said he couldn't tell what kicked off the shooting. However, police said at some point the suspect separated from the employee and raised his gun at the officers who opened fire.

Porras's video captures what sounds like seven to eight gunshots over about 20 seconds.

One figure inside of the restaurant can be seen jumping over the counter. A few seconds later, another person appears to duck around it.

Porras believes the second person was the suspect.

"As soon as he jumped over, one of the officers was shouting out 'where did he go?' And then that's when they said, 'hey, he's behind the counter," Porras said.

The video shows officers rushing in with guns drawn. Though Porras didn't capture the moment on his phone, police said the suspect eventually gave up his hostage and himself.

The teenage suspect was taken to University Hospital, having been grazed in the torso, and police said he would probably face "numerous charges."

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