Holocaust survivor celebrates 92nd birthday with memoir release at the Pearl

SAN ANTONIO – Rose Sherman Williams, a holocaust survivor, has an incredible story of survival, and now she’s sharing it with others.

Sherman Williams celebrated her 92nd birthday Monday in a special way. She attended a book release party at the Pearl in honor of her new book, “Letters to Rose.”

During World War II, Sherman Williams was imprisoned by the Nazis for six years. Today, she’s keeping her story alive with the help of letters from students.

“Over the 14 years that I taught, I would have Rose come to my class and talk to (the students) about the experience as holocaust survivor. One of my first assignments was for them (was) to write a letter to Rose,” said Robin Philbrick, co-author of “Letters to Rose.” “They wrote beautiful letters that I kept for 14 years. When I retired, I gave the notebook to Rose.”

The book is packed with letters of admiration and gratitude from students. It took about two years for it to be completed.