Local campaign helping improve men's lives

San Antonio Fatherhood campaign promoting responsible fatherhood

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Fatherhood campaign promotes responsible fatherhood for men of all ages. The program is impacting many families, including the Collins family.

“We were struggling, you know, even though I’m retired, you know, it’s like, it's not like my check can get any bigger,” Collins said.

Paul Collins medically retired from the Army in 2016. After going to Iraq and moving from city to city, Collins made San Antonio his home last year. 

"My vehicle got hit by an IED, so it messed my back up. The vest also messed my back up, then my right hip, knees, ankles and feet," Collins said. 

Besides the physical pain, he struggled emotionally.

“I used to visit the vet center for that as well, to go to counseling and, as well, because I had a lot of anger,” Collins said.

His life changed after his wife found the San Antonio Fatherhood Program.

“We do parenting classes, helping healing the wounded spirit classes, which is focused on domestic violence and what we can do to heal from that. We do a lot of mentoring,” Greg Marshall, program manager for the San Antonio Fatherhood Campaign, said.

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