Whataburger 'belongs to Chicago' shirt now on sale online

Midwest company mocks Texans' loss


SAN ANTONIO – A clothing and design company based in the Midwest is capitalizing on and mocking Texans for flipping out about Whataburger's sale to Chicago-based BDT Capital Partners. 

RAYGUN, an Iowa-based company known for selling merchandise that shows pride in its region, released a new shirt that is salt on Texans' wounds. 

A recent Instagram post reads:

"Now that Whataburger belongs to Chicago, we celebrate with a shirt (online now, in Chicago tomorrow)"

The shirt has the familar Whataburger "W" logo and colors on it and reads:

"Chicago's most famous Texas hamburger chain! (As of June 2019)"

The shirt is being sold online or at RAYGUN stores for $23.



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