Woman found guilty in 2017 shooting death

Maria Delores Garcia could face life in prison

SAN ANTONIO –  A jury on Tuesday found Maria Delores Garcia guilty of fatally shooting Jonanthony Seguin following an argument and brief fight in 2017.

Garcia could face a maximum punishment of life in prison. 

The punishment phase of the trial begins Wednesday morning.

Defense lawyers on Tuesday called into question the credibility of several of the state's witnesses during closing arguments in the murder trial of Maria Delores Garcia.

Garcia, 49, is accused of fatally shooting Jonanthony Seguin, 36, on the night of Nov. 3, 2017, following an argument and a brief fight in the street in an area of San Antonio's West Side known as a hangout for drug users.

Defense attorneys pointed out to the jury that the state's witnesses admitted on the witness stand that they were drug addicts and have criminal records.

"We simply don't have a clear picture of what happened there that night," defense attorney Will Brooks said, as he suggested that the accuracy of the witnesses' testimony was questionable.

Prosecutor Jason Garrahan countered, saying, "Is that somebody we just toss aside and say, 'Not in here. You shouldn't be here?'"

Garrahan said that the witnesses' testimony was credible and consistent.


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