Rescuers pull out all stops for group stranded in NW Side canyon

2 people helped out of rugged area off Kyle Seale Parkway, Sonoma Ridge

SAN ANTONIO – Rescuers pulled out all the stops to help some people who were stranded in a steep canyon early Monday morning on the far Northwest Side.

San Antonio police brought in their Eagle helicopter, equipped with night vision capabilities, and had several officers searching on the ground for a crash scene, which initially was thought to be near Brandeis High School.

Once the helicopter crew spotted the wreckage from the sky, police, firefighters and paramedics moved to an area about 3 miles north of there, off Kyle Seale Parkway and Sonoma Ridge.

Officers and firefighters walked down a dark dirt road on foot while a San Antonio Fire Department team brought in ATVs to navigate the rugged terrain.

Police said a group of people had gone off-road in a pickup, which broke down in the canyon.

They called a friend for help, but as he was driving them up a hill his truck rolled over, police said.

One of the people called 911 shortly before 4 a.m.

Police in the helicopter spotted the wreckage, as well as a man and woman who appeared to be stranded.

The pair emerged from the darkness just before 6 a.m. with the help of paramedics.

Police said the man had twisted his ankle and may have sprained it. He limped to a waiting ambulance with help from paramedics. 

The woman was able to walk on her own, carrying high-heeled sandals in her hands.

Neither of them suffered any serious injuries, police said.

They told officers the other members of their group were able to climb out of the canyon on their own.

Police said they searched for the others but did not find them.

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