SA Zoo, Freetail release new can design for third edition of Conserveza beer

Proceeds contribute to conservation efforts of the zoo

RJ Marquez goes to the San Antonio Zoo to learn about their new batch of Conserveza.

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Zoo has teamed up with Freetail Brewing Company to release a new can design for its popular Conserveza beer.

The beer helps benefit the zoo's conservation efforts. This year's can design features the Monarch butterflies.

Tim Morrow, CEO of the San Antonio Zoo, said the zoo has been working to protect the species for nearly two decades.

"We went to (Freetail Brewing Co.) about a year ago, and said 'What do you think about doing a beer that the proceeds can contribute to the conservation efforts of the zoo? 'And they were all in on it,'" Morrow said. 

"Monarch butterflies is something that San Antonio is very familiar with and the San Antonio Zoo has been working on conservation efforts with this species for 15-16 years now," Morrow said. "That's a big part of our history and a big part of what we're doing going forward."

Part of those conservation efforts include netting and tagging Monarch butterflies with a number as they migrate south to Mexico, Morrow said. The numbers are sent back after the Monarchs breed.

The San Antonio Zoo also works with researchers at Kansas State to track and study their migration patterns.

The zoo also features a butterfly house with several species.

The zoo creates what's called butterfly mash to feed the butterflies. The mash also contains beer.

"The fermented beer is something that they like and use for energy, which helps them on their migration," Morrow said.

The Monarch butterfly was chosen out of four other species suggestions.

This marks the third edition of the Conserveza beer can design. The previous two editions were a giraffe and jaguar. 

You can purchase Conserveza at local H-E-B stores.

"Every time you buy this you're helping support San Antonio Zoo's conservation efforts, not only in San Antonio but around the world."

All proceeds of Conserveza will go to the San Antonio Zoo conservation programs to secure a future for wildlife and to raise awareness for wildlife conservation. 

If you want to make the butterfly smoothie or mash at home, zoo officials explained what you will need to do. Officials said its a good way to attract butterflies and keep them safe at home.

1. Place three organic bananas in a blender.

2. Add 1 1/2 cups of Freetail Brewing Co. Conserveza beer in the blender.

3. Pour in 1 cup organic sugar.

4. Pop open three bee pollen capsules and three amino acid capsules, then pour into blender.

5. Blend mixture together.

6. Once blended, pour onto flat tray or plate and add sponges for the butterflies to land on.

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