Fireworks sales booming on Fourth of July eve

Local distributors say numbers tracking national sales

BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – With their busiest day still ahead, local fireworks distributors are bracing for a big day Thursday.

"Ultimately, our final day is usually the busiest," Alamo Fireworks executive Selena Montoya said Wednesday. "Either the Fourth of July or the 31st of December leading up to New Year's Eve."

Fireworks sales in Bexar County are only allowed 10 days before each of those holidays. Fireworks are still illegal for sale and use in the San Antonio city limits.

Montoya said, "Business is booming, so we're really excited about this year."

Though sales figures support that excitement, Montoya said they are concerned about Chinese tariffs,  since all of their fireworks come from China.

"The impact of tariffs could have an impact on future seasons. As it is right now, fireworks are not on the list," Montoya said.

But she said they are watching trade talks very closely.

"If there is something that does come of those talks, we’ll be grateful for as much information as early as possible so that we can make sure that we’re being responsible to not only to our employees but to our customers," Montoya said.

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