Injured motorcyclist lives to tell his story

John Humphreys lost his leg, not his spirit

SAN ANTONIOJohn Humphreys lost his leg when he was hit on his motorcycle while riding in San Marcos last May, yet throughout the traumatic experience, he remained amazingly calm.

“People say they have fight-or-flight mechanisms. I’ve never had that flight mechanism," Humphreys said.

He also said he told himself in the midst of everything, “I need to use my military training, get that tourniquet on and let’s just take it one day at a time.”

Humphreys said he’s also grateful to his girlfriend, Rebecca Fosdick, who was on her own motorcycle that day, for using her belt to apply the lifesaving tourniquet.

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He’s said he doesn’t know the name of the woman at the scene who applied pressure to his leg for about 20 minutes until paramedics arrived, the entire time stroking his back to reassure him.

Humphreys said he hopes he'll be able to thank the woman one day. 


Hear Humphreys describe the events of what happened the day of the crash by clicking here or viewing in the video player below. 

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