Man arrested after allegedly taking photos up woman's skirt at Houston H-E-B

Report: Carl Gordon, 51, previously arrested for invasive recording

HOUSTON – Authoirities in Houston arrested a man who they believe tried to take photos under the skirt of a woman shopping at an H-E-B, the ABC station in Houston reported.

The man, whom police identified to KTRK-TV as 51-year-old Carl Gordon, is facing a charge of invasive recording. He's accused of trying to take a photo under a 60-year-old woman's skirt at an H-E-B, KTRK-TV reported. The incident was reportedly caught on camera.

The Houston TV station said this isn't Gordon's first brush with the law, reporting that he was previously charged in connection with a similar incident in 2017.

In the 2017 incident, KTRK-TV aired video of a man attempting to take photos inside a Houston store. Gordon later turned himself in to police, saying he was the man in the video, the Houston station reported.

Court records from 2017, obtained by KTRK-TV, state that Gordon told police he has a "sex addiction" and that his conduct was part of a "sexual fantasy."

He was released on $2,500 bail in this most recent incident, according to KTRK-TV.