Family of man killed when hit by multiple cars believes he was intentionally struck

SAN ANTONIO – A Poteet family believes their relative who died after being hit by three cars may have been hit intentionally.

San Antonio police said Wednesday, David Tellez, 30, was walking along a Southside highway when he was struck and killed. Two drivers drove off but one driver stopped and called for help.

“I saw the news and I just got this feeling in my heart. I told my husband, ‘I think that is David,’” said Elizabeth Rocha, Tellez’s mother. “My husband was like, ‘How could it be David?’ I said, ‘I think it is David.’”

Rocha, who said she has yet to be contacted by police, said she got the courage to fight through her fear and called the morgue Friday for herself. She said David Tellez usually walks around that area all the time but had not contacted any of his family since the crash happened.

“It just hurts to hear the actual confirmation,” said Erik Tellez, David Tellez’s brother. “There were possibilities like, ‘What if it wasn’t him?’ But it was him.”

The family said they were told by people David Tellez was with that an argument of some sort happened.

“He might have been a victim of retaliation,” said Erik Tellez. “If he got hit by three vehicles and two of them left. That's not cool. Who does that? I don’t know, I just know I want answers. I want to know who did this and why? Like, what happened.”

“I know David,” Rocha said. “David has always crossed streets. His dad was blind. They were always crossing the street with a blind man. So he knew how to cross a street. That was not an accident. Whatever the case, I believe David was running away from the one who murdered him.”

David Tellez leaves behind a young son and daughter.

“His kids are still this family and we are going to be there for our niece and nephew till the end, and they are going to remember my brother, and I will remember him always, also,” Erik Tellez said.

They said David Tellez was a professional painter who had a courageous heart and was the comedian in the family.

“He always tried to make everybody laugh," Rocha said. "Jokes for days, that guy. He was awesome.”

“We were the closest,” Erik Tellez said. “I told him I got a lot of heart from the things he showed me growing up with him. Just his toughness and what has been through. Just who he is. He helped mold who I am also.”

Though the police have not confirmed any more details surrounding this case, the family said they hope justice is served sooner rather than later.

“It is not that easy to do the right thing but it is not that hard either,” Erik Tellez said. “So even if you didn’t do the right thing at that moment you can still go back and make it right.”

When and if accident investigators track the other two drivers down, they could face criminal charges for leaving the scene of the crash.

It’s unclear if the driver who did stop will be charged with anything.

The family is asking anyone with any information that could help investigators in this case to call police immediately.

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