US airman stationed in San Antonio earns Silver Star Medal

Silver Star Medal is nation's third highest medal for gallantry

SAN ANTONIO – The heroic actions of a U.S. airman stationed in San Antonio have earned him a Silver Star Medal.

In January 2018, a U.S. special operations team in Afghanistan, which included Tech. Sgt. Michael Perolio, met with an Afghan militia group to establish a united front against the Islamic State group in the region.

As the team was leaving, they were betrayed by the militia, who began firing at them from a nearby rooftop.

Perolio fired back in an effort to move his team to a safer location.

Once there, he was able to call in an air strike while simultaneously tending to three service members who were critically wounded, including Capt. William Lance Clark, who was shot twice. 

“Guys like that, of that nature, that kind of really come through, it's really, really horrible situations. I’m really thankful, and I’m lucky to have him as a friend,” Clark said.

The Silver Star Medal is the nation's third highest medal for gallantry against an armed enemy of the United States.