West Side man asks for help in finding stolen mobility scooter

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SAN ANTONIO – A West Side man hopes the public can help identify the two men seen carrying away his mobility scooter.

Pedro Gomez has suffered from neuromuscular scoliosis since birth, and he uses a scooter to not only to get around more easily but to be able to leave his home altogether.

“I use it basically because it's a mobility scooter and I’m not mobile without it,” he said.

On July 9, his home security system captured video of two men carrying away his scooter. He left it charging on his front porch on Texas Avenue near Zarzamora Street.

“I just hope whoever took it finds it in their heart to bring it back. I really, really need it,” he said.

The police report said one man was seen walking up to Gomez's home around 5 a.m., unplugging the scooter and taking off with the plug. About an hour later, the man came back with another man and they carried away the scooter together. One of the men had a Tecate soccer-type jersey, which Gomez says is pretty distinct.

He’s lived in his neighborhood for four decades and says he’s never had anyone steal from him. He often brings the scooter inside his home, but he needs help to do so because he can’t lift heavy items.

He’s working with his insurance company to replace the scooter, but he hopes someone recognizes the men and can help police track them down.

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