Landlord fed up with vehicles slamming into his building

Man blames incidents on reckless drivers, lack of traffic signage


SAN ANTONIO – Henry Morin has just about had it with vehicles slamming into his building.

Morin said the crashes over the years have caused extensive damage to his building on the corner of West Poplar and North Sabinas.

The latest crash happened just before 6 a.m. Tuesday, leaving the corner of the structure in shambles.

"I've been hit many times, too many to count, and many of whom have had no insurance. And it comes out of my pocket," Morin said. 

Morin blames the problem on reckless drivers and the lack of traffic signage.

"No stop signs between Zamora and Colorado, no stop signs," he said.

Aside from damage to the building he hopes to turn into a restaurant, his biggest fear is that one day someone could get hurt -- or worse.

"I don't want to be the guy. Someone leaving a restaurant, an accident happens here. Two kids are dead. A wife or a family is dead. Somebody got hurt. Why? Because we didn't act," Morin said.

City officials said they need to study the problem, but they can't conduct that traffic study right now. 

Following is a statement the city sent to KSAT 12 News:

"We spoke with Mr. Morin last December about his concerns. We are currently looking at the crash history at the location and also the concerns reported about sight distance on the corners. We still need to collect traffic volume data, but we were not able to get this done before school ended because of multiple, similar requests.  We typically do not collect traffic volume data in the summer or during holiday periods as traffic volumes are much lower. We will be collecting that data once school resumes. We hope to have the results and recommendation by the end of September."

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