SAN ANTONIO – A man who was shot six times, including in the neck and chest, during a workplace shooting last week on the North Side is now looking for the man who helped saved his life.

“He kept me awake until the ambulance got to me,” shooting victim Corey Chappell said, describing how a young man saved his life.  “I just wanted to thank Jacob, because without him, I don't think I would've lived.”

Corey Chappell, 37, is one of five people who were shot that day.

The accused gunman, Kwenton Thomas, was charged with five counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Chappell said if it wasn't for the young man working at a nearby McDonald’s on San Pedro Avenue, he wouldn't have made it.

“It just shows me that God could use anybody at any time to be a hero,” Chappell said.

Exactly one week later, Chappell went back to the spot where he was shot in the neck, twice in the chest, twice in his leg and once in the arm. He said he is fortunate that none of the bullets hit any vital organs.

Chappell said while he was able to make his way into the McDonald’s after the shooting, he thought he was going to die the whole time.

“I thought it was the end of the ride, so I was just telling God, ‘Thank you. It's been a good ride.’ and ‘Thank you for the life you gave me,’” Chappell said.

Chappell said the McDonald's employee, named Jacob, stepped up to save his life, applying pressure to Chappell’s neck and keeping him conscious.

“(Jacob) said, ‘I'm scared.’ And I said, ‘Man, me too, but you are doing good and thank you.’ He stood there with me shaking, but he didn't go anywhere, and he kept me awake,” Chappell said.

Chappell lives in Dallas and drove to San Antonio with his family to thank Jacob. McDonald’s management told KSAT that Jacob quit after the shooting.

Chappell said he doesn't know where he can find Jacob, but he wants to thank him.

“He's a hero in my eyes,” Chappell said. “I just want everyone to know Jacob. He's not your average boy.”

Chappell said he hopes Jacob can reach out to him so he can personally thank him for saving his life.