‘Money: It's Personal' — Money management program helps current, future service members

Tool gives financial advice on many financial hurdles service members may face

SAN ANTONIO – Choose your own adventure. That's the name of the game with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new Misadventures in Money Management program.

The cutting-edge, graphic novel-style virtual learning experience lets current and future service members learn how to navigate future financial hurdles in a fun way.

The CFPB program covers topics such as the importance of building savings, how to avoid impulse buying and how debt can affect a military career, among other financial hurdles service members can face.

The training tool was created to help military leaders, recruiters and professional finance managers educate, advise and train service members on critical financial decisions.

The CFPB said it created the program after speaking with lots of service members who said they were tired of boring slideshows and wanted a program that was fun and helped service members remember the material.

The interactive tool lets service members fight zombies, travel through time and become a secret agent, all while learning key financial concepts.

Current and future service members are encouraged to check out the Misadventures in Money Management tool. They can even see how other participants are doing on the leader board, which compares how each branch of service is doing compared to others.

To learn more about the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau's new Misadventures in Money Management program, click here.

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