Which heavy metal act is best of all time?

Vote in our Heavy Metal Madness Bracket

SAN ANTONIO – KSAT 12 News anchor Steve Spriester recently looked into why the River City Rockfest was postponed this year on his segment, "Spree Thoughts," on KSAT News @ 9.

What Steve learned from the segment reconfirmed his thoughts about San Antonio's musical tastes -- there are a lot of people who like it heavy.

So we want to know who is the Alamo City's favorite heavy metal act?

We've launched a Heavy Metal Madness Bracket on KSAT.com in hopes of deciding who is tops.

Over the next six weeks, we will turn to heavy metal fans to vote in our Heavy Metal Madness Bracket and then watch their vote count on KSAT News @ 9.

Steve, who was a DJ back in the day, put together the 64-team bracket.

Be sure to join Steve and Myra Arthur for the bracket debut on Thursday night on a special primetime edition of KSAT News @ 9 and then every Friday on Spree Thoughts.

Please vote below and ROCK ON!

Click on the links below to vote!!!

No. 1 Black Sabbath vs No. 64 Budgie

No. 2 Led Zeppelin vs No. 63 Legs Diamond

No. 3 Metallica vs No. 62 Spinal Tap

No. 4 AC/DC vs No. 61 Twisted Sister

No. 5 Van Halen vs No. 60 Rainbow

No. 6 Motley Crue vs No. 59 Drowning Pool

No. 7 Guns N' Roses vs No. 58 Alice In Chains

No. 8 Iron Maiden vs No. 57 The Cult

No. 9 Slayer vs No. 56 Rob Zombie

No. 10 Motorhead vs No. 55 UFO 

No. 11 Judas Priest vs No. 54 Melvins

No. 12 Ozzy Osbourne vs No. 53 Whitesnake

No. 13 Pantera vs No. 52 Avenged Sevenfold

No. 14 Anthrax vs No. 51 King Diamond

No. 15 Megadeath vs No. 50 Queens of the Stone Age

No. 16 Deep Purple vs No. 49 Skid Row

No. 17 Def Leppard vs No. 48 Ted Nugent

No. 18 Scorpions vs No. 47 Ratt

No. 19 Dio vs No. 46 Dream Theater

No. 20 Tool vs No. 45 Five Finger Death Punch 

No. 21 Nine Inch Nails vs No. 44 Marilyn Manson

No. 22 Kiss vs No. 43 Exodus

No. 23 Aerosmith vs No. 42 Faith No More

No. 24 Nazareth vs No. 41 Alice Cooper

No. 25 Slipknot vs No. 40 Deftones

No. 26 Blue Oyster Cult vs No. 39 W.A.S.P.

No. 27 Queensryche vs No. 38 Accept 

No. 28 Quiet Riot vs No. 37 Disturbed

No. 29 Suicidal Tendencies vs No. 36 System of a Down

No. 30 Mastadon vs No. 35 Danzig 

No. 31 Korn vs No. 34 White Zombie

No. 32 Dokken vs No. 33 Saxon


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