What's Up South Texas!: Family continues legacy of man with ALS and passion for agriculture

SEGUIN, Texas – A Seguin family is continuing their father’s legacy, a man who died from Lou Gehrig’s Disease or ALS, to inspire and educate youth about agriculture.

Allan Dreibrodt was born and raised in Seguin, Texas. His children, Delena Krueger and Brannon Dreibrodt, say their father was a prominent member in the community.

“He was teaching (agriculture),” said Krueger. “He was involved in FFA. He went to Navarro High School. He went to Southwest Texas University and got his master’s in education.”

Allan was also a member of the fair board, Chamber of Commerce, and the banking community.

“He raised us to be involved in the community as he was and to have this passion for the youth and agriculture and about wanting to give back to kids who worked so hard in it. Whether it was woodworking, or with animals, the mechanics behind this area is a lot of work and money and time. He loved it and he wanted to support these kids who love it as well.”

Though Allan won many recognitions, and raised such a beautiful, faith-based family, his life hit a major health obstacle when he was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 36 in 1989.

“One of the toughest things is, is that ALS doesn’t affect your brain on knowing what things are,” Krueger said. “Daddy was so smart and could build something like that. He was very handy with everything so not being able to physically do things, but knowing how to was hard for him.”

The disease is terminal and according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, those diagnosed with it typically have a shorter life span.

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