Judge Wolff seeks support from Commissioners Court for $100K grant to combat domestic violence

Judge Rosie Speedlin-Gonzalez set goal to raise $500K for program


BEXAR COUNTY, Texas – An unorthodox approach to combating domestic violence in Bexar County is gaining traction.

Judge Rosie Speedlin-Gonzalez's work toward a domestic violence drug court now has the attention of Bexar County Judge Nelson Wolff.

When KSAT spoke with Speedlin-Gonzalez last month, she set a goal to raise $500,000 to service the program for a year.

On Wednesday, Wolff said he would seek support from the Commissioners Court for a $100,000 grant. He said he will also reach out to other groups for support.

The drug court for domestic violence offenders would be the first in the state.

Speedlin-Gonzalez said more than 85% of the cases that come through domestic violence court involve substance abuse at some level.

First-time offenders would be funneled to the court where there is more supervision and therapy than offered in the standard court system.