Man calls in bomb threat in attempt to date flight attendant

Threat forces 130 passengers, 5 crew members to evacuate


Some people will do anything for love.

In the case of one Serbian man, that “anything” was calling in a bomb threat to keep a flight attendant he liked in his country. 

The 65-year-old man confessed in court that he called in a bomb threat to stop a Lufthansa flight from going to Frankfurt, Germany, from Belgrade, Serbia, according to Reuters

The man called in the threat because he wanted to go on a date with a flight attendant on the crew whom he met while she was in town.

The woman refused the man’s offer of dinner. 

After failing to find her at the hotel where she was staying, the man got desperate and phoned in the bomb threat to keep her in the country, the Reuters report says.

The threat forced 130 passengers and five crew members to evacuate while a special police squad searched the aircraft. 

This wasn’t the only bizarre bomb threat called in to an airline this year. 

In January, a man called in a bomb threat to an easyJet flight to avoid seeing his parents who were flying in to see him.