Here are some of the heroes of the El Paso mass shooting

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EL PASO, Texas – At least 22 people were killed and 26 injured in the horrific mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart Saturday morning.

According to reports, it took the first responding officer six minutes to arrive at the scene while the 21-year-old suspect opened fire.

These are some of the heroes of this tragedy:

Jordan and Andre Anchondo - The couple were at the store shopping for school supplies when they were gunned down. Andre jumped in front of his wife to shield her from gunfire and Jordan used her body to shield the couple's 2-month-old son Paul, according to CNN.

The boy lived and is being treated at an El Paso hospital for broken bones which medical professionals have said are consistent with him being held when Jordan fell, covering his body with hers.

Glendon Oakley - The U.S. Army soldier started corralling kids to get them out of harm's way after hearing shots fired. Oakley said a child came into the store where he was shopping, talking about a shooter, and then he heard the shots and saw children running around with no parents.

"Only thing I think of is pick up as many kids I can as possible," Oakley said to CNN. In total, Oakley and a fellow good Samaritan were able to get approximately 13 kids out of the mall. He said in an interview he doesn't want to be looked at as a hero.

Ray Garcia and Jimmy Villatoro - These two men are fathers of children in the same baseball league who received a call from another baseball parent saying his wife had been shot.

The Dallas News details the story of the two men who went directly to the Walmart where mutual friends had set up a limonadas and agua orchata stand to raise money for their kids upcoming sports season. Garcia was able to help some of their injured friends while Villatoro was able to locate five of the children who were running the stand.

Notable mentions:

The first responders to the scene are undoubtedly unsung heroes, as well as all the hospital staff and good Samaritans who helped get people to safety or tend to the injured. The world may never know every name of those who stepped up, and continue to do so, but they are also heroes.

Hundreds of people have answered the call to donate blood following the tragedy and more are still showing up to donate.

Chanel, Rudy and Lady are trained service dogs that have been sent to El Paso from San Antonio by the Methodist Healthcare System. The dogs will spend time at the El Paso hospitals helping shooting victims and their families, giving people a sense of normalcy. Read the full story of the service animals here.

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