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How To set up a Roku account

Are you thinking about canceling your cable account and setting up with another streaming service like Roku? 

Here is everything you will need in order to set up your Roku account:

1. A Roku stick

2. Your TV must have HDMI input

3. Must be able to access your wifi (with your password)

4. Computer or smart phone

5. You will need to have a working e-mail address

Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to set it up:

1. Locate the HDMI port on your TV and then plug in your Roku stick.

2. Turn on your TV and select 'input' on your remote. You will want to select the same HDMI port your Roku stick is plugged into.

3. Next, plug the power cable into the Roku stick. Once it's plugged in, take the USB end of the cable and plug that into the TV, or you can use and adapter to plug in into the wall.

4. You should see the Roku logo on your TV screen, and your remote will pair automatically. If it doesn't, press the pairing button on the back of the remote for five seconds.

5. Follow the instructions that show up on the screen. 

6. Once the software on from your Roku is downloaded, you will need your smart phone or computer to go to the website www.roku.com/link to complete your account. You will need to enter the code given to you on your screen in order to make your account. 

7. To watch KSAT, just search 'ksat' on Roku.

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