Police to review new evidence in murder-suicide case out of southwest SA

SAN ANTONIO – Exactly one month after the bodies of Jessica Sanchez and her ex-boyfriend, Jorge Jaramillo, were found, police in Devine confirm the investigation into the kidnapping turned murder-suicide case out of southwest San Antonio remains active and say more charges are possible.

Investigators said they are waiting to review evidence from cellphones linked to the case.

Police believe Jaramillo kidnapped Sanchez from her home at gunpoint.

Blasa Carillo, Sanchez's sister, said after the bodies were found and Sanchez, a mother of three was buried, she began having persistent dreams about searching for the phones belonging to her sister and Jaramillo.

“More dreams and more dreams, and it's like, ‘Oh, my goodness.’ You know, I couldn't see where I was. I just saw a field, tall grass, and I’d reach for it and I’d wake up,” Carillo said.

Sanchez and Jaramillo were found dead on a private property 12 miles from Sanchez’s home. Carillo said she went back to the property with family members.

After searching for part of the day, the phones were found in a tall grassy area, several yards from where the bodies were found.

The weapon used is also under investigation. Police said they are waiting on federal indictment charges to be filed regarding that gun.