Cyber P-Tech USA at Sam Houston HS: a game changer for SAISD and the community

San Antonio ISD has a new program this school year

SAN ANTONIO – San Antonio ISD's first day of school is Monday and this year, the district has a new program called P-Tech.

It's a free opportunity for high school students to get a head start if they want a career in the cyber world.

“I’ve been very interested in coding ever since I’ve worked with Blocks. Now I’m going into Python, which is the more advanced version of coding,” incoming ninth-grader Josiah James said.

James is one of the many students who applied for, and was accepted into, the program at Sam Houston High School.

“Securitywise, like having my phone safe, not having someone hacking into it, I want to prevent that and to (help) other people,” said Amya Miller, another incoming ninth-grader.

This new cyber technology-oriented school setting is monumental for the community.

“P-Tech is the first of its kind," said Ashlyn Barrientes, the P-Tech director at cyber P-Tech USA at Sam Houston High School. "It is pathways and technology, early college high school, and it was originally initiated by IBM the corporation. It addresses the needs of the workforce to address the needs of the students in the local community.” 

There are many career opportunities in cyber technology, from security to coding programs. P-Tech allows students at SAISD to get a look at the possibilities, one click at a time.

“For our community, this is so significant. This literally changes the landscape of the east side, because these young kids can (help) their families. They can lift and set a standard for their families, as well as the entire community,” Barrientes said. 

P-Tech not only offers students the opportunities to learn about cyber technology, but also real-world applications of robots.

“You'll be workforce ready with certifications that send you into a career field where you can make up to $42 an hour at 18 years old in cybersecurity,” Barrientes said. 

P-Tech is also partnered with St. Phillip’s College, so those who finish high school can also walk away with an associates degree. 

“I'm going to be the youngest in my family to ever go to college, and that’s something I should be looking forward to,” James said.

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