Two people run over at South Side garage sale

Truck crashes near driveway, hits parked car and pedestrians

All transactions at a South Side garage sale came to a halt Sunday morning after a driver of a blue Dodge truck crashed into the driveway and ran over two pedestrians.

The accident happened in the 400 block of Ellena Claire Court around 10 a.m. Police are now questioning the driver involved, as well as witnesses.

"A truck struck another truck and two pedestrians," Sgt. Darryl Rooks said. "We're still investigating, trying to figure out what sequence of events lead up to it."

The vehicle hit was parked on the side of the road. When police arrived, they found the front tire of the parked vehicle under the Dodge truck and two victims laying on the ground.

Police say a woman in her early 50s was hit and suffered minor injuries. An older man was also hit. He was taken to BAMMC hospital with possibly life-threatening injuries.

"It appears from early witness accounts (they) may have been at that garage sale, visiting the garage sale," Rooks said.

Investigators don't believe the victims are related.

Police say the driver stayed on the scene and is cooperating with detectives.

"We don't know of any charges right now... there are no signs of intoxication right now," Rooks said.

Detectives are also working to determine if the truck or the parked vehicle hit the pedestrians.

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