First responders traveling state to get Texas flags signed for El Paso victims

Project intended to raise awareness for first responders, show support

A group of first responders who ride motorcycles is standing in solidarity with the city of El Paso.

The motorcyclists are taking flags across the state and having fellow first responders sign the flags in support of first responders and victims of the massacre that claimed the lives of 22 people earlier this month. 

The flags stopped in San Antonio at the San Antonio Fire Department's training academy Sunday morning. Local first responders signed the flags, which will be delivered to El Paso on Friday.

Michael Gomez, a paramedic, said the purpose of the project is to show support for those affected by the shooting and to raise awareness for what other first responders go through daily.

"We go through this on our job every single day," Gomez said. "So whether it's a mass shooting or a baby that was killed by a drunk driver, it doesn't matter for us. We don't forget that."