Service dogs enjoy theater performance for training purposes


CANADA – A photo of a group of service dogs is getting a lot of love on social media after they were caught looking cute at the theater.

The canines from K-9 Country Inn Service Dogs attended a performance of "Billy Elliot," according to a tweet from the Stratford Festival.

Laura Mackenzie, the owner of K-9 Country Inn, told CBC radio, "It's important to prepare the dogs for any activity the handler may like to attend. The theatre gives us the opportunity to expose the dogs to different stimuli such as lights, loud noises and movement of varying degrees."

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The dogs attended one of the theater's relaxed performances, which offer a reduction in the intensity of light and sound for people who might benefit from a softer sensory-friendly environment.

K-9 Country Inn Service Dogs are trained to do unique tasks to help benefit their handlers. The company offers service dogs to first responders, veterans and civilians with PTSD.

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