Florida company ships insanely large avocados nationwide

You have to see these long neck avocados

Photo: Miami Fruit
Photo: Miami Fruit

MIAMI – Miami Fruit has some pretty crazy looking avocados that the company refers to as long necks.

Unfortunately its avocados aren't available for purchase until the next seasonal harvest but the website lists the season as August and September so there's hope.

A small box of the Persea americana "Russell" avocados -- or long necks -- is $47, a large box is $77, an extra large box is $133 and the bulk box sells for $197.

  • Small box contains 3-6 pounds
  • Large box contains 10-14 pounds
  • Extra large box contains 20-26 pounds
  • Bulk box contains 35-45 pounds

Customers can be placed on the waiting list for a box by preordering here.

Long neck avocados grow up to 13 inches in length and typically weigh more than 1 pound, according Miami Fruit's website.

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"All of the fruits on our farm are non gmo and grown without pesticides but we are not certified by the USDA because we only own 2.5 acres and it doesn’t make sense to pay for a certification. We do source fruit from certified organic farms and we only pick high quality fruit grown sustainably," a spokesperson with the company said on Instagram.

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