Man accused of stalking woman, family also charged in sexual assault, assault-bodily injury case

Kenneth Salazar considered suspect in similar cases

A family told police they were forced out of their home after a San Antonio man who met their daughter online began stalking and threatening her at their home.

SAN ANTONIOEditor's note: This story has been updated throughout with comments from Kenneth Salazar.

A family told police they were forced out of their home after a San Antonio man who met their daughter online began stalking and threatening her at their home.

Kenneth Salazar, 27, was arrested on Sunday on a third-degree felony charge of stalking, online jail records show.  He was arrested again on Wednesday by the San Antonio Police Department's Street Crimes Unit. 

Police said Salazar is also considered as a suspect in similar but separate cases of assault causing bodily injury and sexual assault involving two other victims. 

"The investigation that our Special Victims Unit, SVU, conducted with a sexual assault case — the victim in this case is a female, 26 years old," said Jennifer Rodriguez, spokesperson for SAPD.

Rodriguez said Salazar met the sexual assault victim on a dating app. She said the victim soon wanted to end their relationship because of Salazar's aggressive behavior.

"Upon learning this, he became enraged and basically snapped. On July 2, there was an encounter between the victim in this case and Mr. Salazar, the suspect, where he sexually assaulted her and also made threats against her," Rodriguez said.

Salazar was out on bond for the assault causing bodily injury charge when he was arrested following a string of incidents involving the alleged stalking victim, who he met through an online dating app, and her family.

Within weeks of meeting the alleged stalking victim, Salazar became "very possessive, aggressive" and used profanity in an intimidating manner toward her. Those "red flags" led her to "end the relationship before it became physical," according to an arrest affidavit.

On Aug. 14, the alleged stalking victim told the police she and Salazar got into an argument that led him to drive to her home to talk it over. When he arrived, the alleged stalking victim's father noticed Salazar was "very upset to the point (Salazar) was stuttering and appeared very nervous," according to the affidavit.

In a statement sent to, Salazar said that he went to the home to speak with the alleged stalking victim's father before he and the woman were scheduled to take a flight together.

"We spoke peacefully, and I left soon after. Despite an argument, I continued to have a positive dating relationship with (the alleged stalking victim) until we ceased communication a few days after," Salazar said in the statement.

The affidavit said that two days later the alleged stalking victim said Salazar sent her alarming text messages and a disturbing image of himself with a handgun.

"Since the picture was sent, (Salazar) has repeatedly called, sent texts, and left voicemail messages threatening the victim," the affidavit said.

Salazar did not address the image in his statement, but said that he "(does) not own or possess any firearms, nor (has he) throughout this relationship and well before." 

An off-duty SAPD captain who lives near the victim shared an image Saturday of Salazar parked in front of the alleged stalking victim's home. Salazar was also captured on home surveillance jumping over her locked private fence, the detective said.

"Since these occurrences, the (alleged stalking) victim and her entire family have left their home to stay elsewhere because they are in fear for their lives due to continuous stalking and the fact (Salazar) is known to carry firearms," the SAPD detective said in the affidavit.

"I have never made any threats toward this individual or her family, nor did I ever seek out this individual's location," Salazar told "I am eagerly awaiting the truth to come to light and I will follow up accordingly at that time."

In a past interaction with San Antonio police in December, Salazar was "emergency detained" for 72 hours for a psychiatric evaluation because he had shown indications that he could potentially hurt himself or others, according to the affidavit.

During that process, Salazar had his firearms taken from him by police, according to the affidavit.

In another incident, Salazar allegedly told another victim that "he wasn't afraid of the police and that he had purchased more firearms even after being emergency detained," according to the affidavit.

SAPD didn't immediately respond to questions about whether his firearms were returned or if he was able to subsequently purchase firearms.

Online jail records show Salazar was released from the Bexar County Jail on Monday after posting $50,000 bail.

According to the affidavit, Salazar previously had "certain conditions added to his bond to prevent further violence." It is unclear what conditions were set for Salazar.

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