Serial stalker ‘snapped' before he ‘raped' 3rd victim he met on dating app, SAPD says

Suspect calls KSAT hours before rearrest to proclaim innocence

A serial stalker suspect was rearrested Wednesday night after three women came forward to police sharing similar accounts of violence by him, according to the San Antonio Police Department.

San Antonio police said all three women had "feared for their lives" while in a dating relationship with Kenneth Carl Salazar, 27. He met each of the women through an online dating app, police said.

Salazar is charged with sexual assault, stalking and assault causing bodily injury, one charge associated with each victim. Police said there may be other victims and potentially additional charges.

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"(Salazar) continues to show stalking behaviors and the use of sexual assault as a control mechanism in family violence situations, which has been known to be a high indicator resulting in intimate partner homicide," a detective said in the affidavit. "(Salazar's) continuous aggressive actions towards females illustrate behavior that is a concern for the welfare and safety of the community and the victims associated with (Salazar)."

San Antonio police said they first became aware of Salazar when he was charged with physically assaulting the first victim on Dec.16, 2018. On that day, police declared Salazar posed a risk of hurting himself or others and was "emergency detained" for a 72-hour psychiatric evaluation, according to an arrest affidavit. Police did not immediately provide more details of the first incident.

Mugshot of Kenneth Salazar's arrest on July 25

Months later, while Salazar was out on bail for the assault charge, a second woman called the police in July saying Salazar "raped" and threatened to kill her after they got into an argument at her apartment, the affidavit said.

"(Salazar) became enraged and basically snapped on July 2 (after) an encounter between the (second) victim and Salazar," said Jennifer Rodriguez, a spokesperson with SAPD.

The woman said she and Salazar were dating for about three weeks until she broke up with him because he was "stalking and harassing her" by "calling her multiple times, visiting her place of work where he told her he would get her fired," the affidavit said.

A few weeks after the second victim told authorities about the alleged sexual assault, police said Salazar was captured on video by a doorbell device trying to set off a fire alarm outside of the woman's apartment.

Mugshot of Kenneth Salazar's arrest on Aug. 21

As detectives were investigating the case involving the second victim, police said a third woman came forward sharing similar stalking accounts by Salazar in August.

The third victim, who also met Salazar on a dating app, described similar incidents as the first two victims, including threatening messages, aggressive and possessive behavior, according to the affidavit.

The detective said Salazar sent the third victim alarming text messages and a disturbing image of the barrel of a handgun in his mouth.

She and her family were forced out of their home "because they are in fear for their lives due to continuous stalking and the fact (Salazar) is known to carry firearms," a detective said in the affidavit.

Mugshot of Kenneth Salazar's arrest on Aug 18

During the process of being mentally evaluated in December following the first victim's report, San Antonio police said officers took his firearms from him. Salazar allegedly told one of the three victims that "he wasn't afraid of the police and that he had purchased more firearms even after being emergency detained," according to the affidavit.

The SAPD has not yet responded to questions about whether his firearms were returned or if he was able to subsequently purchase guns.

Hours before Salazar's arrest Wednesday night, he contacted KSAT.com by phone to proclaim his innocence in the stalking case involving the third victim, which was first reported by KSAT.

He claimed in a statement that he "(does) not own or possess any firearms, nor (has he) throughout this relationship and well before" and that he "never made any threats toward (one of the three women) or her family."

As of Thursday afternoon, Salazar remains in custody at the Bexar County Jail for the charges of sexual assault and assault causing bodily injury, according to online jail records.

His bail has been set at $85,000.


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