Grieving mother devastated after driver rams through son's tombstone a second time

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SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio mother who is grieving her son's death is devastated after his tombstone was damaged by a driver, and it's not the first time this has happened.

The damage was caused earlier this month at the Resurrection Cemetery at the Cordi-Marian off Culebra Road.

Leticia Gutierrez said she got the call a couple of weeks ago that the headstone where her son, Arturo Ajay Gutierrez, is buried had been knocked over.

"I came in and I looked at my son's headstone. It's a little damaged. It has some chips and, of course, you can see all the glue that they tried to fix it with,” Gutierrez said.

The staff at the Resurrection Cemetery at the Cordi-Marian said the incident happened on a Saturday night, and it appears that a driver may have been in a large truck when they slammed through the fence, then backed out and drove away.

Gutierrez said in March 2018, another driver had plowed through the fence and hit her son's headstone.

"They don't know who did it," Gutierrez said. "It was somebody who drove in. We don't know who it was. The first time it happened, we found out who did it. They paid for it. The second time, the cemetery said they're not responsible. So we're going to have to pay for it to get it fixed on our own."

Gutierrez said it's not just about her son’s final resting place. She said she is also concerned about how easy it has been for drivers to get through the fence.

"I'm really concerned about people who are here visiting their loved ones," Gutierrez said. "What if there are living family members here visiting their family and somebody thinks it's OK to come through here and there is another tragedy?" 

Resurrection Cemetery staff members said they have glued the tombstone together, repaired the fence and they are planning to put cement barriers along the fence to keep vehicles from coming through.

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