Hurricane Dorian victims to get help with electricity problems from CPS Energy crews

About 65 men, women left SA Wednesday for Florida, beyond

SAN ANTONIO – Help is on the way for some victims of Hurricane Dorian, courtesy of dozens of San Antonians who work for CPS Energy.

About 65 crew members left the utility's East Side service station before sunup Wednesday morning, bound for places that may not have any light. 

The workers will help to restore electricity to those affected by the storm. They will arrive in Florida first, and then decide where else their help might be needed.

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"I feel honored to be able to go," said Jonathan Kosub, a CPS Energy worker. "I want us to go over there, do our job safely. Get the lights on as soon as possible. Help out."

Like his co-workers, Kosub volunteered for the job.

This is the second time he signed up to help with storms away from home.

"It's a good feeling when you're rolling in and you see a lot of people giving you thumbs up, smiles, taking pictures," Kosub said. "They want us there, and we want to be there to help."

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CPS Energy President and CEO Paula Gold-Williams spoke to the employees in a brief meeting before they left.

Gold-Williams said she, too, was honored that the utility had been called to help. She said that's due to the good reputation CPS Energy enjoys in the industry.

But Gold-Williams also reminded her workers not to let things go bad by putting themselves in danger.

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"Get your rest. Take care of yourself," she told them. "Bring yourself home in the same condition that your loved ones gave you to us today."

The crew members are expected to arrive in Florida by Thursday and may be away from home for as long as two weeks.

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