'Never a good idea to stop on train tracks:' Train collides with car in San Marcos

Train pushed car several feet, police say

A day after a train struck an SUV caught between crossing barriers, San Marcos police are warning the public to never stop over train tracks.

A train that was stopped on a set of tracks near the intersection of South Guadalupe Street and Cheatham Street backed up traffic around 3:30 p.m., according to police.

As traffic backed up, a Ford Explorer carrying two people stopped on another set of tracks on Guadalupe Street near Martin Luther King Drive.

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The SUV was caught between the crossing barriers as they lowered for a second train traveling on those tracks, police said.

The train struck the car, moving it several feet to an overhang, police said.

The collision closed down several intersections in San Marcos for three hours while crews worked to clear the wreck.

No one was seriously injured in the crash, but police want drivers to stay off the tracks to prevent these types of collisions.

"We'd like to remind everyone that drives in San Marcos that it is never a good idea to stop on train tracks in traffic, even if only for a moment," police wrote in a Facebook post. "Wait on one side of the train barriers until the space is cleared on the other side before proceeding with your commute."

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