Fatality sparks calls to begin lighting project on Northeast Side

Man fatally struck by car while crossing Seguin Road

Residents living and working along FM 78 near Seguin Road are calling for more lighting along the roadway after another pedestrian was fatally struck by a car early Saturday morning. 

Police said a man was trying to cross the street around 2:45 a.m. when a woman driving southbound on Seguin Road hit him. She told police she didn’t see the man when first responders arrived to the scene. 

"I think part of having the lights out there would have prevented something like that from happening, so it is just really sad that that happened,” said Carmen Avendano, who works at Isabelle’s Thrift Store near the crash scene. 

Like her, residents said the lacking visibility is a scary factor for them every night. 

"We get a lot of traffic,” said one concerned citizen, who asked not to be named in this story. “Especially after work, it is really heavy volume and then in the evening when it is dark, it is hard to pull out of here because we have no lights out here."

"Especially when it is daylight savings,” Avendano said. “I have to be careful. I usually pull to the median of the road and even then I am there for a long time just to be safe."

This is not the first time a fatality like this has happened in connection to lack of lighting along FM 78. 

In May 2018, a man crossing the street was struck and killed on FM 78 near Rittiman Road. A few months later, in November, another man was fatally struck on FM 78 in Kirby.

"When it is this dark, we see people walking up and down this road and we are thinking that is a major safety issue,” the concerned citizen said.

Since the last fatality, the Texas Department of Transportation announced a project to add more lighting along the roadway, but a start date hasn't been set.

"I am so sad that a life had to be taken but that is going to make them aware of this,” the concerned citizen said.

The woman in this latest incident did stop to render aid while waiting for first responder to arrive. Police are now investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the accident. The investigation is still ongoing.

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