Rare full moon to move across sky this weekend

Orange moon to peak night of Friday the 13th

Harvest moon. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)
Harvest moon. (Photo by Matt Cardy/Getty Images)

A rare harvest moon will show itself Friday and Saturday nights.

The harvest moon falls right between two new moon supermoons — when the full moon appears to be larger than usual because it’s somewhat closer to Earth.

It is technically just like any other full moon, but because it happens close to an autumn equinox, it has special characteristics. 

For example, the moon rises closer to the time of sunset, according to EarthSky, which means the moon rises during or near twilight, appearing as if there are several moons for the peak nights.

It has a powerful mystique, appearing bigger and brighter or more orange. That’s due to the location of the moon near the horizon. According to EarthSky, the orange color is a physical effect and happens because you’re looking through a greater thickness of Earth’s atmosphere than when you gaze up and overhead.


How to see the harvest moon

The moon can be seen Friday and Saturday nights, but if you really want to take advantage of getting the best view when the moon is at 100% illumination, try to pop outside just before 12:33 a.m. Saturday.

Click here to find out the best moonrise and moonset times in your area.

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