Job seekers reveal what they try to hide from employers on social media

SAN ANTONIO – Many professionals who are seeking a job have admitted that they try to hide things on social media.

You can learn quite a bit about people from their social media presence online.

According to a study from JDP, a job screening and background check firm, job seekers are trying to hide photos, videos, statuses, comments, follows, and likes.

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Seventy percent of job seekers admitted to trying to keep their personal life private from potential employers.

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Another 56% said they try to hide unprofessional behavior, and 44% try to keep their political views private, according to the data.

The survey found that 1 in 3 people refuse to connect with coworkers on social media, even after accepting a job, and that 50% of those surveyed removed old profiles and posts to protect their professional reputation.

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JPD said that on July 11-12, 2019, it surveyed 2,007 U.S. residents about their social media habits and how job hunting impacts them. Respondents’ ages ranged between 18 and 88, with an average age of 36.
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