San Antonio voters following redistricting hearings closely

SAN ANTONIO – Hundreds of San Antonio-area voters attended a redistricting hearing at Port San Antonio on Thursday.

This was the second field redistricting hearing by the House of Representatives.

About 28 field hearings are set to take place before the 2021 redistricting process. The goal is to solicit public input to draw the redistricting maps, a process that takes place every 10 years. 

Lawmakers in the 87th Legislature will get to redraw state and federal legislative district boundaries. 

Past legal battles over discrimination concerns about how those boundaries are drawn that would undermine minorities voters have made the hearings very closely watched and attended.

The hearings will be held statewide until December 2020. Census data will not be available until after April 2021, which will mean lawmakers will have a tight deadline to study the census date to determine how to best draw the boundaries.

Click here to watch Thursday’s redistricting hearing.

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