Challenges ahead for woman left homeless after being rescued from house fire

Woman recovering from smoke inhalation

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An East Side woman rescued by firefighters from her burning home needs help to get back home.

Christine Kindred, 69, is disabled and used her Life Alert device to call for help. She was home Friday when she smelled smoke inside her house in the 4200 block of Wild Oak Drive.

Kindred’s niece was home at the time of the fire.

“I called her, and I said, ‘Don’t you smell something? I smell something,’” Kindred said. “Then I saw smoke and I said, ‘I’m getting out of here.’”

The bedridden woman was not able to get out, but firefighters found her in her bedroom. The room was filled with smoke as they pulled her out of her bedroom window.

“They were hollering, ‘Let’s go, let’s go!’ And they couldn’t hardly find me on the floor,” Kindred said. 

She suffered minor smoke inhalation and is now in a rehabilitation center, but her nightmare isn’t over.

Kindred said about two months ago, her home insurance company dropped her as a client because she had three previous claims.

She said since 1992, her home of more than 40 years has been flooded three times. The latest incident happened in 2017, and she just moved into the house again a couple of months back.  

Now, without insurance to help pay for the repairs, she’s not sure if she’ll ever be able to go home again. She would like a contractor to help her.

“Just help me get back in my home. Any kind of work they can do, like, you know, repairing anything inside,” she said.

KSAT gave Kindred a list of agencies that might be able to assist her and her niece:

Burned Out Survivors Fund

Phone: 210-472-1717


Catholic Charities/Saint Stephen Church on Brady and Zarzamora

Phone: 210-226-6178

COSA Short Term Rental Assistance

Phone: 210-207-6097

United Way

Phone: 210-352-7000 or 211

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