Converse family in fear after target of thefts, drive-by shooting

Converse police searching for thieves, shooter in cases

CONVERSE, Texas – A local family is considering moving out of their Converse home after a string of incidents left them out of thousands of dollars and fearing for their lives.

One of the incidents happened Monday when the father's $6,000 tires and rims were stolen off his Chevy Silverado.

"My wife was going to leave for work about 5:20 and she goes to get in her car and realized my truck was seen on blocks," said the man, who has asked not to be identified for safety concerns.

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"It just sucks. We work hard for what we have. Somebody comes along and steals it," he said.

The man said after he posted the surveillance footage of the theft to Facebook, he and his family came face-to-face with danger Wednesday morning.

"This just seems like it's gone too far," he said.

During the early morning mornings, the family's home was left riddled with bullets in a drive-by shooting.

The man said it seems as if his problems have gotten worse after posting the surveillance footage of the theft to Facebook.

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"Well now, shortly after 4 (or) 4:30 (Wednesday) morning, I wake up to the sounds of gunshots and several bullets went through the house and one hit my truck," he said. "It just seems like they were mad about something."

With no known enemies, the man believes the drive-by could be in retaliation for him exposing the suspects on social media.

"I woke up and immediately, you know, panicked and tried to take cover. What's next? When does it stop?" the man said.

Converse police are hoping to find additional surveillance footage from both incidents.

"We are looking into that to see if these two are related possibly a retaliation type situation ... maybe a scare tactic," said Lt. Jeff Shook, with the Converse Police Department.

Converse police said that in the future, it is in the victims' best interest to contact authorities before posting any surveillance footage of crimes to social media.

The investigation now turns to the search for at least two people in the theft case, and at least one for the drive-by shooting.

Anyone with information about the cases is asked to contact the Converse Police Department at 210-658-2322.

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