Emotions run high during convicted wife killer's sentencing hearing

Fernando Hernandez killed common law wife during attempted murder-suicide

SAN ANTONIO – Emotions ran high and outbursts were heard during the sentencing of a man accused of killing his common-law wife following an argument in August 2018.

While the daughter of Teresa Gonzalez, 44, was addressing Fernando Hernandez, 39, in court during a sentencing hearing Wednesday, Gonzalez’s nephew, Antony Gonzalez, suddenly sobbed and shouted obscenities as he hurried from the courtroom.

The outburst came as Teresa Gonzalez’s daughter, Ines Chapa, was speaking to Hernandez during the victim impact part of the hearing.

“We are all here wondering why you did what you did when you took away my mom,” Chapa said, sobbing. “And the answer, we will never know.”

As part of a plea agreement, Judge Velia Meza, of the 226th district, sentenced Hernandez to 30 years in prison.

Neighbors told police that they heard the couple arguing at the couple’s home on Sandmeyer Street on the evening of Aug. 3, 2018. Minutes later, they heard gunshots.

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Hernandez shot Teresa Gonzalez multiple times before turning the gun on himself. He suffered a head wound but survived and was charged with her murder.

“What kind of person can call themselves a human being after such brutal actions toward such a beautiful human being?” Teresa Gonzalez's cousin asked Hernandez.

During the entire time that Teresa Gonzalez’s relatives were addressing Hernandez, he had his eyes tightly closed and showed no emotion.


Since he is not a United States citizen, Hernandez will be released to immigration officers for deportation after he has served his prison sentence.

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