Trendy, timeless, scary: Get some Halloween costume inspiration

This year's Halloween costume trend is no joke

SAN ANTONIO – Every Halloween there is that one popular costume that you'll see everyone wearing.
What is the biggest trend for a Halloween costume this year?

Our Sarah Acosta went to Gibson Costume Shop near Broadway and Allensworth to not only find out this year's trend but to take a look at some of the classic costumes.

Last year's Halloween— there were a whole lot of scary clowns after the IT movie came out. This year's trend might still involve a clown.

"There's not really a trend this year, but the Joker is, Batman even though there wasn't a Batman movie they are asking for Batman because of the Joker movie," Sandra Torres, the general manager at Gibson Costume Shop said.

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Torres at Gibson Costume Shop says she is seeing another trend— the classic costumes.

"They are going back to the classics, more of your original flappers, pirates, colonials.

And a lot of those classic costumes also can make great group costumes.

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"Those are going to be like your 'Grease' movie, the 'Wizard of Oz,' the 'Alice and Wonderland' or they want a whole bunch of nuns with the monks and stuff like that," Torres said.

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