Enchilada Wednesday: Cafeteria manager shares secret ingredient

Students, staff can't get enough of legendary Tex-Mex plate

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SAN ANTONIO – Each enchilada recipe is unique, but perhaps one of the most famous is whipped up at North East Independent School District cafeterias. You were only lucky enough to taste these famous enchiladas, once a month, if you were a student, faculty or staff at the district, until now. A few weeks ago NEISD sent San Antonio into a social media frenzy after it was reported that it released its recipe online in honor of its Enchilada Wednesday.

Enchiladas can be described as carefully steamed tortillas stuffed with cheese, carefully rolled, drenched in cheese or meat sauce and sprinkled with even more cheese.

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Leticia Flores is the cafeteria manager at Wilderness Oak Elementary. After 25 years of following the district’s recipe step by step, she has the process memorized.

“It's not that hard, it's very easy,” Flores said. “You’ just follow the steps. You won’t get lost.”

Daisy Day is a second-grader at the elementary school and can’t get enough of the exclusive dish.

“I am not full,” Daisy said. “I want to eat more. It's good!”

Although Daisy couldn’t believe her parents now have access to the recipe online, she admits it probably won’t taste the same.

“No, my parents cannot make this at all,” Daisy said.

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For Flores, even 25 years later, Enchilada Wednesday continues to be a special day of the month. Flores says the secret ingredient is taking your time to prep and doing it with pride.

“You just see how the products come out and how it tastes. You're happy about it,” Flores said.

Click here for a list of ingredients and full step-by-step video.