Boerne police officer hit by alleged drunken driver is honored at football game

BOERNE, Texas – Boerne Police Officer and School Resource Officer Michele Van Stavern, along with several other first responders who also served as special guests, rushed the football field with the team on Thursday night.

Van Stavern was struck and nearly killed by a suspected drunken driver while she was directing traffic following a football game in late August.

Van Stavern said she’s been “chugging along,” regarding her recovery, and trying to adjust to a slower pace. 

“It's different, not being able to do for myself a lot of the things that, of course, moms are used to being able to do, (such as) driving my kids everywhere,” she said.

She said she’s thankful to the Boerne community, which has embraced her and her family by providing help. She didn’t want to focus on her recovery or the day of the crash, but rather use the stage to help raise awareness to protect her fellow first responders.

“Our job is the streets. Our job isn't in a desk, in an office somewhere. It is the street, so people need to be mindful, put down their cellphones, pay attention,” Van Stavern said.

She’s still recovering and doesn’t know when she will return to work, but she’s eager to get back to normal.

The suspect who struck her was arrested and charged with intoxication assault.

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