Residents concerned about dog attacks in neighborhood near Converse

CONVERSE, Texas – Residents living near Converse, close to Highland Grass, are reporting that a dog has been terrorizing their pets and that two dogs were attacked the same month by the animal.

Hector Alvarado said he is still reliving the day when his precious terrier/dalmatian mix, Ching, was mauled by another dog.

"It's traumatic," Alvarado said. "I live through it all the time. It goes through my head all the time. 'What could I have done to stop it?'"

Alvarado was out walking Ching when he said the attacking dog came at them earlier this month.

"(The attacking dog) came across the street and literally went at my dog and just locked into his back," Alvarado said. "I tried to fight him off. I just couldn't fight him off, but he finally did let go after several bites."

Alvarado said he rushed Ching to the emergency vet, and while she survived, her injuries were extensive.

During KSAT's interview with Alvarado, another neighbor said the same vicious dog attacked his dog while it was in his backyard.

Both victims are concerned that the attacking dog is still with its owner. Bexar County Animal Control said its animal control officer went to the house of the owner in question and had initially issued a "failure to quarantine" warning.

When Bexar County Animal Control finally had a chance to examine the dog, which is a lab mix, animal control officers said it did not appear to be aggressive.

"Why are they giving the dog back to these owners when the dog has already shown he can attack?" Alvarado asked. "He's still a young dog, and once he starts attacking children, what's going to be his next step?"

As far as removing the dog, Bexar County Animal Control said it does not have the authority to do that unless the animal causes serious bodily injury to a human and shows a pattern of attacking people.

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