Woman thinks ex-boyfriend is dead, then runs into him at restaurant, report says

Talk about an awkward confrontation

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Well, this had to have been a little awkward. 

A woman in Australia who thought her ex-boyfriend was dead after being told that by his mother about two years earlier, went into a restaurant and found a surprise: That ex-boyfriend was working as a waiter at the restaurant. 

The ex-boyfriend, dubbed Alistair, was thought to have been killed by a biker gang he owed money to, according to ABC News Australia. At least, that was the story given to the woman, named Rachel in the article to protect her identity, by Alistair’s mother.

Rachel went into the restaurant that day with a friend and remembered that Alistair’s brother worked there, so she asked a restaurant worker to tell the brother “hi," according to the news story.

It was at that point Rachel had her world rocked.

The restaurant worker said the brother wasn’t in that day, but that his brother, Alistair, was. 

“Next thing I know, manager’s over (to ask), ‘Is there a problem here?’” Rachel said in the article. 

Rachel and her friend were asked to leave the restaurant, but there was a big order of business from the past that she wanted to take care of.

When Rachel and Alistair were dating, Alistair asked to borrow $1,000 after he supposedly broke his hand in a fight, the article said.

Alistair had paid back $300 to Rachel, but then cut off contact after they broke up.

Rachel came to find out that Alistair owed other friends more than $2,000, but she heard that Alistair was in rehab and had no furniture left at his home. And then she learned of his supposed death.

After leaving the restaurant that day, Rachel and her friend decided to call police about recouping the money owed, but were essentially told there was nothing authorities could do.

Rachel then tried to call the restaurant and speak to Alistair, but was told nobody named Alistair worked there. 

She then got another text from Alistair’s mom, the same woman who a couple years earlier had texted Rachel about his "murder," and the text said Alistair lost his job at the restaurant because of the scene she had made. 

A few years after that incident, Rachel ran into Alistair at another restaurant in town.

Rachel said it was clear that Alistair recognized her, but denied owing her money when she confronted him about the issue.

Rachel didn’t go into depth with Alistair about why he faked his death or where he had gone, but wishes she would have.

“If I’d sat down with him properly, yeah, I would have had a few questions,” Rachel said. 

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