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Here's a first look at the new KSAT.com

SAN ANTONIO – You’ll notice changes on KSAT.com starting today. We’ve made a series of updates, most behind the scenes, to get you news and weather wherever you are, faster than ever.

You’ll see a new, modern design created to reduce page load times three times faster than our old site. The improved performance saves you time and battery life while checking your go-to source for local news and information.

The most exciting changes are ones you can’t see – at least, not yet. Our design team implemented a new system that allows for faster innovation, meaning we’ll be continuously improving KSAT.com to meet your needs. (Have an idea? We’d love to hear it.) Day to day, the news team now has more flexibility to report news, from breaking stories with livestreams to data-driven deep-dive reporting.

Our release notes on the new design are below. Do you have feedback on the changes? Share them here. The design team will read every submission, so please take a minute to offer your input.

In this update, we decreased load times, improved mobile display and laid the foundation for rapid improvements in the future. Here’s what exactly you can expect:

Faster Load Times

KSAT.com now loads 300% faster thanks to a refreshed design and a new back end system. Our team’s design experts worked through numerous iterations to reduce load times, saving you time and battery life. We’re now the fastest-loading local news website in San Antonio.

Improved Video

Our new video player improves quality, speed and reliability for livestreams and video on demand. You can watch KSAT newscasts live, or replays for stories on the site 24/7.

Easier-to-Find Stories

Our new site menus will help you find the local news that matters to you faster than ever. Navigation is one of the most common complaints we received. We hope this new site makes it easier to find news that’s important to you.

A New Weather Page

We’re excited to share our redesigned weather page, now focused more than ever on keeping you safe during extreme weather, up to date on local conditions and fully informed when making plans for the hours and days ahead.

Questions and Answers

Why did you change your website?

We continuously make enhancements to give our readers a better experience. It’s our goal to provide you with the best possible journalism wherever you prefer.

What changed?

The entire site has moved to a new design system that brings a more modern design, brighter colors and bolder typography.

Will everything from the site today still be available?

Yes. All stories, photos and video migrated over from our old site.

What about my existing bookmarks and links? Will they still work?

Yes, your bookmarks and links should automatically redirect. If you find a link that’s not working, please let us know by emailing news@ksat.com.

Will I have to change my username and password?

No, you will continue to log in with your current user ID and password. The site should remember you

Will the new site remember me or will I need to login again?

The site should remember you. Having trouble? You can contact us to help.

About the Author:

Kolten Parker is digital executive producer at KSAT. Previously, he worked at the San Antonio Express-News and the Texas Observer.