Veterans travel to San Antonio for free hunting trip, shopping spree

Trinity Oaks Nonprofit hosts ‘Bucks for the Brave’

SAN ANTONIO – Seven veterans from all across America arrived in San Antonio for one gift: to honor their service with a special weekend of hunting and remembering.

The veterans were flown in to Military City Friday afternoon and made a surprise pit-stop for supplies at a Cavender’s store before heading to Thumbtack Ranch in Batesville.

The Veterans Day weekend “Bucks for the Brave” hunting trip is hosted by Trinity Oaks Nonprofit. Their mission is to honor and recognize those that served the country through outdoor activities.

“They’ve earned it and deserve it,” Garrett George from Trinity Oaks said. “We’re going to honor them big time.”

Each veteran was nominated by a friend or family member for their integrity and dedication to protect the nation.

“I’ve just met everybody in the last hour, and I’m a little overwhelmed by how they treat this,” firefighter Danny Foley said. “I’m not used to being spoiled like this.”

The group of men honored this weekend includes a veteran for every military branch, a Texas State Trooper and Foley, a New York firefighter who responded during the 9/11 attacks.

But Foley also searched for a personal reason: his hope was to find his brother, Thomas “Tommy” Foley from Rescue 3 NYFD.

“I had hope that he was still alive,” Foley said. “I was just going to go down there and (hope to) find him alive and helping others.”

"Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. Eleven days later, I found my brother’s body. I took him back to my parents and gave him a proper burial. He was a good man.”

Foley is now battling pancreatic cancer. With the extremely generous gift, Foley says he’s thankful for this Veterans Day weekend.

In recognition of their sacrifice, Trinity Oaks wanted to treat the veterans to a western wear shopping spree, a limousine ride, a full-lights motorcade with police, legion riders and Texas Game Warden, a free deer hunting trip, free music and many more surprises.

“We’re just honored that they’re here with us,” George said.

For more information on how to nominate a veteran for feature events with Trinity Oaks, click here.

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